Why "Me"?

Beacause, I Have a deep understanding not only in Swift programming language but also in Objective-C and mastered iOS frameworks such as Foundation, UIKit and Core Data.

Use Swift’s advanced features like Generics and Closures for daily programming and think in terms of SOLID Principles and Design Patters.

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Operation are essentials in my daily work to utilise the Multicore Architecture. I strongly stick in to the Operation Oriented Approach to handle all network calls ranging from REST to IoT.

As per my strong belief, the Object Graph Management and Object Relational Mapping are the future for the data persistence and it is more impressive for me to work with Core Data Framework in multithreaded environment.

Being an avid reader of books related to Design Principles and Design Patterns, I update myself on how to make use of OOP effectively. Factory, Builder, Decorator, Proxy, Chain of Responsibility, Mediator (Coordinator), Strategy and MVC are some of my favourite design patterns among many.

Other than 40 hours of my professional working, I spend 15 - 20 hours per week to update myself in coding, reading books & blogs, watching videos related to the ongoing & new trends of Apple’s technologies.

Being a fast learner, adaptable to any challenging environment and able to learn new eco system quickly.

Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript and HTML.

Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, Core Data and etc.

Technologies: STOMP, MQTT, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and RESTful

iOS . macOS . Swift . Objective-C . Xcode . Object orientation . Operation orientation . Design principles . Design patterns . MVC . Server-side Swift . Cloud computing . Core Data . RDBMS . ORM . NoSQL . ActiveMQ . STOMP . MQTT . AWS . DynamoDB . S3 . RESTful . Clean coding . Caching . Multithreading